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The male and female sexual response cycles showing why men and women respond differently to sexual stimulation, why men have a refractory period, and why women can achieve multiple orgasm.

This might sound like a completely off the wall idea, but those men who happen to ejaculate quickly – which probably approximates to about 75% of the population – may nod their heads in agreement when they read it: shame and embarrassment caused by premature ejaculation can be a cause of great anxiety around sex for many men.

See this review of male control programs to learn about how you might control your ejaculation in bed.

After all, when we talk about the fear of sex, what we actually means is anxiety around sexual intercourse. This can be performance anxiety, or simply anxiety about the intimate connection with the woman. (Of course here I’m assuming the relationship in question is heterosexual, but it’s absolutely the same in gay relationships as well.)

Performance anxiety basically relates to a man’s ability to get an erection, maintain an erection for a sufficient duration to ensure satisfactory intercourse takes place, and to satisfy his woman, whatever that means in the context of the intimate sexual relationship. Unfortunately, for all to many men satisfying a woman means giving her an orgasm during intercourse.

It is a regrettable but true fact that very few women are able to reach orgasm through intercourse because the stimulation that they need to achieve orgasm is clitoral rather than vaginal.

However, there are a minority of women – probably around 10% – who can achieve orgasm through sustained sexual intercourse with the man is thrusting against the G spot. It is only these women who could justifiably be said to be deprived of orgasm through short-term intercourse and a man’s premature ejaculation.

However, what women are deprived of by premature ejaculation is the satisfaction of intimate connection with her lover, prolonged intercourse and connection in the most fundamental way that a couple can achieve, and the pleasure of feeling bonded with her lover.

So the way to deal with this situation is a man to take great care of foreplay, to ensure that he gives his partner and orgasm through cunnilingus or manual stimulation before he enters her.

Not that of course overcomes the difficulty of premature ejaculation shortening intercourse. If a man wants to last longer in bed it’s absolutely critical that he should find a treatment program which can train him to last longer before he ejaculate, stay below the point of no return for long, and lower the rate of increase of his sexual arousal.

Fear Of Sex

Treatments and advice to help you overcome your Fear Of Sex.

What Is Fear Of Sex?

Fear of sex, or more specifically, sexual intercourse, is called Genophobia. When someone feels a significant aversion to sexual contact of any kind, it will obviously massively affect their relationships and life. Fear of sex has perhaps the biggest impact on a person’s self-confidence.

Reasons For Genophobia

There are a whole range of reasons why men and women become phobic – experience intense anxiety – about sexual activity. For example, men who have premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction may be shamed or embarrassed during intimacy.

Other men may struggle with delayed ejaculation (inability to reach orgasm) or be unable to maintain an erection due to age or certain health issues.

And although Viagra and its generic copies may allow men to get erect, they do not always work. However, problems such as premature ejaculation can be treated.

For women, sexual phobia – fear of sex – may develop because intercourse is painful. Dyspareunia, pain on attempting intercourse, makes lovemaking very painful, so much so that women would rather avoid intercourse.

Some women may experience pronounced loss of libido due to hormone fluctuations resulting from menopause, pregnancy, or periods. All these factors influence how a woman views sexual intercourse.

Frigidity: Myth Or Fact?

The whole idea of a “frigid woman” is a myth. But loss of libido is common, for many reasons, and is not exclusive to women: men also suffer from a lack of sex drive. However, what looks like a fear of sex, can often be caused by other aspects of a relationship and is merely disinterest in sex.

For women, lack of interest in sex can be a symptom of lack of intimacy and poor communication with a partner, or a lack of romance, or depression caused by adverse life situations and relationships. As mentioned before, women experience hormone fluctuations which cause loss of libido and fear of sex during pregnancy and the menopause.

Other causes include problems like high levels of stress caused by work or a challenging relationship. Note that a cure for premature ejaculation in the form of the anesthetic spray stud 100 is available here.

Generally speaking, “frigidity” means a person is with the wrong partner, and their passion is still waiting to be released: sex drive is instinctive to us all, and in the right time and place, with the right person, loss of libido and “frigidity” can disappear.

Other Triggers For Genophobia

Sexual abuse can cause Genophobia. People who have suffered abuse avoid sexual intimacy, because it reminds them of their abuse. Fear of sex is normal in such situations, and during sex, trust is key. When there is fear of sex, fear of intimacy, not trust, phobias may begin.

Religion and cultural issues can also cause fear of sex: if the concept of chastity and purity is important in a family, it can be quite inhibiting to the healthy expression of a person’s sexuality.

The Threat Of Unwanted Pregnancy Or STD’s Can Also Be A Trigger

Today, STI’s and HIV can be frightening. Despite safe sex, things can go wrong and people can be at risk. As well, unwanted pregnancy can be a threat that inhibits people from engaging in sexual activity. While some fear of diseases and pregnancy is healthy, it should not cause Genophobia. When it does, other psychological issues may be at play.

Symptoms of Fear of Sex

People with a fear of sex feel tense, sick, and frightened when sexual activity may occur or is seen nearby. They tend to avoid films or television programs that feature sexual content. As well, they may suffer from nausea, dizziness, and strange feelings when sex is seen, discussed or occurring nearby.


Psychotherapy is effective for the fear of sex and will help a person overcome the phobia. Anti-depressants may be required to ease anxiety.