How To Overcome PE

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diagram showing men how to control ejaculation

Diagram showing men how to control ejaculation

As we've seen, there isn't a simple physical way to stop premature ejaculation. Knowing how to control yourself when you make love involves changing both how you think about sex and what you do during sex.

For a man with good control of his ejaculation, speeding up or slowing down his climax is all about the amount of stimulation he receives during foreplay and intercourse.

If he wants to come quickly, he will do those things that excite him the most: that might be thrusting in a particular way, adopting a particular sexual position, holding his partner in a particular way, or even engaging in a particularly arousing fantasy.

If he wants to extend the length of lovemaking and stop premature ejaculation, then he may find a way of thrusting that reduces the pressure on his penis, adopt a less arousing lovemaking position, not use any fantasies, or refrain from looking at his partner in the way that he finds most arousing… or anything else that helps him to keep his arousal below the point which will ejaculate.

Now it's true that this is a very effective way of controlling arousal, and a man who can do this will automatically know how to stop premature ejaculation. If you don't currently have that level of control, then it can take a little while to learn these techniques – but learn them you can, and learn them you must if you want to stop premature ejaculation.

Having good control of your ejaculation means staying in the level of sexual arousal below the point at which you are going to ejaculate. This area of sexual arousal is between the point where you begin to feel sexually excited and the point where you know you're going to ejaculate. It's a balance between sexual arousal and bodily tension on the one hand and self-control on the other.

You can only exercise self-control if you can keep your sexual arousal and muscular tension below the level at which you will ejaculate; by doing this repeatedly, you get more tolerance for sexual stimulation and therefore become better able to stop premature ejaculation.

For men who come too soon, anxiety and tension as well as arousal, are the enemies of self-control. A lot of men find it impossible to distinguish between sexual arousal, muscular tension, and even anxiety.

But in a way it doesn't matter what makes you come quickly: you simply need to be aware of whatever it is in you that is increasing during your foreplay and lovemaking (call it passion, tension, or whatever you like), so that you can reduce it in whatever way helps you to stop your advance towards orgasm.

As an aside at this point it's helpful to point out that ejaculation is not a reflex reaction is beyond your control; as a rough analogy, think of the way a child learns to control his need to pass water…

He starts off by urinating without any control, then learns first when he needs to urinate, and then learns to inhibit the urination response so that he can get to the toilet with complete control. To stop premature ejaculation requires a similar learning process. It's a bit like breathing, also, in that most of the time you don't even think about it, but you can bring it under conscious control when you choose to do so.

So the first step in developing control is to become aware of your arousal or tension level. For a lot of men this requires focus of attention on the general area of their penis and scrotum, or their pelvis, or wherever it is that they feel the change in sensation, in fullness, in tingling, in tightness, or whatever sensations they feel as they become more aroused.

And although your attention may wander during sex, as soon as you are aware of this, you can bring it back to the area which gives you the signal of how aroused you are: the more you do this, the easier it will become.

And so the question arises: when do you need to do something different? Obviously, to stop premature ejaculation you need to be in the zone of arousal where you have control. You should avoid going too close to the point of no return; yet at the same time it's good to feel aroused and excited. You might want to help yourself judge how aroused you are, by rating your arousal on a scale from 0 (no arousal) to 10 (the point of climax), and sticking around 6 or 7.

99% of men with PE are over-sensitive to sexual arousal. This means you ejaculate too soon because you don’t recognize that you’re going to ejaculate until just before it happens. The answer?

First, simple “training” exercises which reduce your sensitivity to sexual arousal, so you get all the pleasure without coming too soon. Second, learning how to recognize the sensations in your body which mean you’re going to ejaculate, so you can slow things down until you’re back in control.

Such exercises are an easy, quick, and fun way to stop premature ejaculation. Sure, you have to be committed to overcoming your "ejaculatory challenge". But so what?

Commitment is necessary to succeed at anything that’s worthwhile in life. And the commitment is only a few minutes two or three days a week, practicing some very enjoyable exercises with your partner (or on your own if needs be). That’s not much for a lifetime of successful sex and an end to premature ejaculation! And provided you choose the correct training program, the exercises really do work!

This method of overcoming premature ejaculation is easy & simple! You can start off on your own or with a partner, but in either case, there’s nothing complicated, nothing difficult, nothing that requires hours of practice. And you can do all the exercises necessary to control PE while you enjoy partner-sex or solo pleasure.

What’s more, the exercises are great for bringing greater intimacy to your sex life. Whatever she says, it’s certain your partner wishes you knew how to stop premature ejaculation, and this way she can help you do just that. Believe me, your partner will be extremely happy when you try these exercises.

Why? Well, first because wanting to stop your premature ejaculation shows her you care about her sexual pleasure, and second, because she gets to help you in these intimate (and exciting) exercises.

This is exactly what women love during sex: closeness, bodily contact, massage, playfulness and fun! There’s nothing to be apprehensive about – in fact, you’ll love the exercises too. (Doubtful? Let’s check that out. Do you love the sight, taste and smell of a woman’s vulva? Yep, thought so.

How does the idea of having her slide her aroused vulva up and down the length of your erection sound? Sounds like fun, yes? And you enjoy masturbation? Great! So you’ll love it when she pleasures you with her mouth, lips and tongue? Fantastic! And you like making lover? Of course you do….!) All in all, I can confidently predict you are going to love learning how to stop premature ejaculation!

How do these exercises work? Simple. You learn to last longer before you ejaculate by going up to the point of no return (the point where you have to ejaculate, come what may) and then backing off until things "calm down", i.e. your arousal drops.

This means that you gradually learn to take more and more sexual stimulation without any danger of coming too soon. In a few weeks you’ll be able to last much longer in bed – as long as you want, in fact!

Imagine it – she’ll be looking at you with adoring, come-to-bed eyes – and you’ll be supremely confident as you lead her to the bed, knowing that you can really last longer in bed…

Please don’t wait a minute longer to control your PE. DO THIS NOW. DO IT FOR YOU – AND FOR HER. I know this method works, because I used it to stop my own premature ejaculation.

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