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Adonis Golden Ratio

Adonis Golden Ratio

All, if you want to achieve a better body EEC Lee and effectively, without the struggle usually associated with bodybuilding and weight training, check out - and of course, you may be wondering what this is all about.

In fact it's about the Adonis Golden Ratio, also known as the Adonis Index, which is a program by John Barban, and which has been designed to produce the easiest and most effective weight training and bodybuilding system for men for many years.

It's no coincidence that it's available on the Internet, because the Internet has demonstrated its capacity to bring together people with similar interests who would otherwise not be able to meet very effectively. As far as bodybuilding and weight training is concerned, the effectiveness of a group of people working together is the mutual support that they can offer each other -- and in the case of Adonis, this is certainly manifest.

Most bodybuilding communities tend to be backbiting and somewhat critical, with the competitive element that seems to indicate every man wants to get "one up" on everyone else -- not surprising, when everybody is competing to be an alpha male in the world bodybuilding!

Yet the Adonis Golden Ratio is very different, because the community that exists within the forum of members is all about cooperation and mutual support. This is probably because the men taking part in Adonis are not bodybuilding fanatics nor are there men in that community who seem to be suffering from some kind of body dysmorphic disorder (which is increasingly common in the bodybuilding world).

Since these are ordinary men, striving to better themselves by looking better and building a body that is attractive both to them and to potential female partners, the support levels are much higher and much more congenial.

And the Adonis Golden Ratio is based on the principle that there are certain proportions in nature which represent the most aesthetically pleasing ratio of one portion of a whole to the whole itself.

In the case of the male body, these are the proportions of shoulder circumference to waist circumference, and the proportion of torso length to entire body length.

It is said, most particularly by John Barban, the author and expert behind the Adonis Index, that when these proportions are in the golden ratio, then the male body looks optimally attractive to women. It's a plausible claim, since in evolutionary terms, females would look for indicators of male strength in good health, so it's plausible and probably not backed up by scientific research.

But the anecdotal accounts of men have gone through the Adonis Golden Ratio program seemed to confirm that there are advantages to be had -- in so far as it's possible to gain a better body and the greater confidence which comes with it.

The reason for that is because these men can help you build a better body and a better body image (let alone stop it mutating into body dysmorphic disorder).

And why? Well, the point is that men have muscles, and the more muscles they have -- up to an optimum level -- the more attractive they will be to women, and the more they will signal to other men that they are in fact "alpha males".

And will it work in practice? I guess the question is: "Do you have the discipline to conform to an individual training program that is being calculated for you, based on your body mass index, height, and weight?"

If you do, then the Adonis Index / Golden Ratio is absolutely ideal -- it will give you an individual and a very personal bodybuilding and weight loss program that enables you to strive for the optimum look, and the optimum shape of your body.

This is done by combining a personal exercise program with a personal diet plan, which is designed to give you the maximum chance of building lean muscle, losing fatty tissue, and gaining the proportions of your body that represent its optimal for.

It's certainly true that bodies differ, but they differ far less than we might imagine when we walk around looking at each other in the street!

What disguises the optimum proportions that everybody has are our excess levels of fat, our obesity, and our poor posture and lack of muscularity - mostly due to a sedentary lifestyle!

John Barban's proposal is that when these factors are taken out of the equation, everybody, regardless of size, can achieve the optimal proportions of the Golden Ratio, of one body part to another, and therefore be attractive, regardless of overall genetically determined size.

This makes a great deal of sense, not least because it is certainly a great idea to be fit from a health point of view. A sedentary lifestyle can be very debilitating, and can produce all kinds of problems in physical functionality and emotional states, including weakness, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, depression and anxiety, and so on and so on and so on.

The truth is harsh: we have not evolved over millennia to live a life like the one we currently find ourselves living, and it seems to me that anything that can reverse these pernicious effects of "civilization" should be adopted by each and every man who has any interest in his well-being.

The Adonis Index, or the Adonis Golden Ratio, certainly represents one practical, easy to understand, effective and practical system of weight loss, bodybuilding and fitness training.